Dolfin Empowerment – Dolphin Empowerment


This empowerment enables you to develop the qualities of the Dolphins.


Powerful animals can enter our lives to teach you something or bring you a message. They may appear to you as a favorite type of animal, which keeps appearing to you, through dreams or in meditation. Every animal has properties that can help you learn a lot.

Dolphins are beloved mammals of the sea, considered among the most intelligent of animals. This animal teaches you breath and energy, to connect with the Creator, to find answers for yourself and others, and to know your own rhythms. They can help you release your emotions and relax before entering into silence and Dreamtime. They can teach you to laugh, spread joy to others and follow the rhythm of the Universe.

Dolphins have a purity of being that touches our inner nature. If they’re swimming in your life, open up to their energies of love, harmony and balance. They can teach you to express your inner truth and follow your inner joy. When a dolphin shows up for you, it can mean you’re a link to a solution for Earth’s children. It asks you to return to the depths of your being and rediscover the love you truly are.

By Brenda Hanlon

English manual

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