Elenari healing system


To connect the energy of the Elf Star.

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Elenari means “Star of the Elves”. The energy originates in the planes of Light from the highest Source, the Star of the Kingdom.

This system is fairly simple to use, since it mainly uses visualization and intention to activate healing. It’s a link between the energy of the Earth and that of the Stars.

It uses symbols and can be used to care for the elements, people, animals or plants.
This energy accelerates the manifestation of our desires and needs. It can be used as a transmission medium to send energy to another person. It shows us who we are, our Divine Nature. It’s a great help on the path to Knowledge.

If you’re one of the “Starseeds” or “Children of the Stars”, this system will help you. It shows us why we are here on Earth.

– Level 1: Love Energy
– Level 2: Energy of Compassion
– Level 3: (Mastery Level): The Gateway to Enlightenment

By Gail Lehmann