Emerald Reiki – Emerald Reiki



This 3-level Reiki is dedicated to opening the light energy of the emerald ray.

It is accessible from the 2nd degree of Reiki. You have to overcome many heavy energies to be able to open up your capacities to all…

A popular ray in ancient Egypt under the tutelage of Isis, it opens up to the energies of the sacred feminine, enabling all to achieve the deconditioning of many memories and ancient pains, and allowing total fulfillment in the sacred path of healing.

It accompanies men and women on the path to happiness, and enables those whose karmic energy is too heavy to lose the weight of the known in order to finally channel the benevolent spirits of this world through energy channels without violence or heaviness.

A magical opportunity to heal the sadness of the soul, it opens up new horizons.

It helps those whose suffering remains strong to overcome the shocks