Emotional Healing Vibration


Emotional Healing Vibration – Vibration de Soins Emotionels
Excellent vibration for practicing materialism in a loving, grounded way.


Excellent vibration for practicing materialism in a loving, grounded way. healing energy that dispels sadness and bitterness…

  • This introduction will help you to:
  • Harmonize and feel the path you choose.
  • You’ll relive coincidences and synchronicities.
  • Connect your spirituality to your existence.
  • Encourages and helps you to de-stress and accept yourself.
  • Excellent for nervous system disorders.
  • Excellent for feelings of anger, guilt, depression, sadness, negativity and frustration.

It will also put a smile on your face and give you the desire to live happily and joyfully in your material world.

The vibration of emotional healing embraces both the pink ray of the heart and the deeper red ray of the lower chakras, and connects your spirituality to physical existence.

These vibrations are excellent stress relievers. If you’ve been depressed or stressed, it’s sometimes hard to let go of negativity, but this vibration helps you release pessimistic feelings. This helps you feel greater love for yourself and helps you feel more balanced and accepting of yourself and all that you are.

Feelings such as anger, guilt or jealousy can be helped by its positive energy. The vibration of this tool generates a feeling of confidence in your abilities and a sense of inspiration to improve your personal situation.

By Hari Andri Winarso

English manual
You will receive an introduction and a manual.