Empowerment du Christ Cosmique – Cosmic Christ Empowerment


Work even harder on Christ energy


This initiation has been created to correspond to the needs of those who have little dual energy but cannot maintain their energetic body powerfully enough each day to keep their energy corresponding to their soul and its evolution.

If you’re faced with the major daily problem of cleansing your chakras and aura powerfully enough to be able to return to your Christ body without any problems, this initiation is for you.

It requires a sufficiently advanced knowledge of light to reach the light body unhindered. If so, you can take this initiation.

The effects of this initiation are manifold. To name but a few:

  • Cleansing of karmic auras, entities, implants, seals…
  • Constant increase in the body of light thanks to the self-calibration function
  • Devotion to light and increased Christ ascension
  • Better clairvoyance
  • Accelerated clearance
  • Degrees of self before any light energy: what is given by the Self is prioritized and increases our connection
  • Enhanced intellectual faculties and resilience
  • Dna constantly modified by Christic ascension, better controlled in our energies


In 1 initiation, 4 functions to clear Karma, cleanse, recalibrate and realign the chakras and a function to raise energies to the Source.

Useful when you have many Reiki to take the most effective lights and integrate well.


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