Energie Mystique du Tantra – Mystic tantra energy



This tantric energy system is based on the Vedic learning received over the last few centuries, and presents no collective energy per se, no doctrine or forced learning. It’s a system that teaches you to feel, live, balance and trace the divine energies that have brought to fruition all these forms of body medicine applications through sexual energies, and thus through a form of understanding of the divinized masculine and feminine. It allows us to educate our spirit to matter, to decompress energetically through a better mastery of our feelings and personal balance, to divinize the relationship between man and woman but also between each couple whatever it is, because each of us is masculine and feminine in energy at the same time. It increases our capacity for both at the same time, and enables us to weld together the energy of the couple without attachment, without the violence of sexual domination and without leaving the sacred aside. It therefore enables sex without pushiness or ego enslavement, the sharing of energies across the sexes, and the maintenance and preservation of the sacred, along with a better mastery of chi. He tames notions of love to make them more open and accessible, and won’t let sexual dependence go unchallenged. It’s important to understand that an affirmed sexual couple in Tantrism is not obliged to serve its own enjoyment, and can in all circumstances master its personal energy without ever having to satisfy itself in order to be in balance. Few people really have this mastery, and yet it’s possible to hold hours of sharing the body and the sexual act without having to cum inside, if the heart and the game draw us towards it. But it’s also possible to liberate low or bad attractions through this approach, to liberate impulses and master them, but also to enjoy on command without touching, as the mastery of energy is divine if desired, and cannot be taken away from the person to whom the physical body belongs. Rationally, however, there’s no need to practice sexual energy if we’ve mastered it, but to make it corrupted by our apprehension of things, or impure, is a denial of our humanity. Loving the body within us, the animal, making it happy and strong, sensitive and listening and sharing as much as autonomous and creative or receptive, is the very basis of tantra mastery work. Working with this energy also calms pain, corruptions of the soul, dissatisfactions, fears and lack of affection, unconscious closures and deep wounds linked to negative ego. Be aware, however, that it’s only possible to awaken those who want to. Don’t share these teachings by force. Free will means that no one can choose for another. In 4 levels, it reconnects you with your partner and sets you free to love.