Etheric Cord Flush – Elimination of etheric cords


Help eliminate the negative cords that bind you to others, so you can get rid of the heavy emotions and reactions associated with them and feel better about yourself.

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Etheric cords are energetic attachments we have with other people, animals or inanimate objects.

Healthy cords attach to the heart chakra, while negative cords attach elsewhere, often in the solar plexus, stomach, lower back or even the spleen. Negative strings can take many forms. For example, when dealing with an energy vampire, he will unconsciously attach an etheric link and use it to drain our energy.

This system eliminates unnecessary negative cords, ready to be released. It also helps to heal the energy of any strings that remain attached. This will heal you and offer some healing energy to the person at the other end of the etheric cord.

The benefits of this system are:

  1. Improved energy and health.
  2. Feeling lighter or more grounded.
  3. Disconnect from the negative emotions of others to be more in tune with yourself.

By Stephanie Brail

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