Etheric Cord Shield – Bouclier des Cordes Ethériques


To protect you from the strings of attachment that people might try to hang on you.

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“Etheric cords are energetic attachments between people (and sometimes things). They are invisible energy lines that transmit energy and information. They can give energy, but they can also divert a person’s energy.

While there are many ways to cut cords once they’ve been attached, there aren’t many that allow them to be locked in place before fastening. Of course, a strong aura can often repel attacks, but for severe cases of attachment it’s often useful to have an extra shield.”

This is especially useful if you don’t have the option of staying away from the person or breaking off all contact with them. This shield will help you keep negative, unhealthy and unwanted etheric cords away from the people you interact with. It can also be used to block a specific attachment from a particular person or attachment object.

This shield is particularly useful in crowded or messy environments.

Channeled by Elemental Reiki

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