Family Care 2 – Soin de la Famille 2


To help family cohesion by working on the karma that has brought difficulties within the family. Master level


Level 2/2. Also available as a 2-level pack.

“People in a family often exist together to complete certain tasks.
agreements or heal previous wounds of the heart and soul. That’s why you can
to have both affection for a family member for a while and to feel
repelled by them the next. You’re forging a new bond with this person,
yet the feelings of any previous interaction propel you to say and do things you can’t understand! If you knew this person in a previous life or even between lives in the celestial realms, there’s a history that affects the present relationship.
This energy brings unity to families where members currently feel alienated from each other.”

By Mariah Windsong
English manual
You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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Prerequis Initiation