Gaja reiki


From the Sanskrit word for elephant, express the strength of your heart with the inspired energies of this wonderful animal, lotus flowers and 9-gem “Navaratna” jewelry.

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Throughout history, the elephant has been honored for its qualities of strength and courage. They are also strong, intelligent animals, with large families and generous collective feelings. They live in very large spaces, and many live to a ripe old age, allowing for a life experience full of wisdom and knowledge. Sociable, gentle… many are their qualities, and this reiki is inspired by them.
Channeled at source like any other light energy system worthy of the name, reiki heals wounds of the heart and soul. It gives back many of the elephant’s qualities, but also a lot of love, peace and reassurance.
Comprehensive and well-documented, reiki is not only a healing system but also a protection against sensory attacks.

From the Sanskrit word for elephant, express strength…

By Eva Norlén

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