Genetic Mastering Reiki – Genetic Mastering Reiki



Genetic mastering reiki – Reiki for dna mastery

There’s a lot of energy going into mastering DNA right now. Many channelers have tried to unblock the dna in a simple and powerful way to remove the limitations linked to the lack of love of the human species.

As most of the divine energies are helping us wonderfully now to release the ingrained patterns of the species we can finally access an era of incredible transformation that comes from the inner strength of the warrior of light.

This Reiki opens up your energetic capacities where conventional Reiki cannot. It unblocks the anchors linked to violence, lack of faith, loss of trust and lack of affection. It opens up better light integrations and closes off reptilian and self-defeating channels in cellular energy sequences.

A good level of energy is necessary for total control.