God Vibration Mastery (Pack)



Pack including 2 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

“Normal cleansing practices can leave a void that can attract negative or positive energies. Using intention, you can fill this void with the energies you wish to attract. Places, walls, furniture and other objects can absorb negative energy and, when negativity is generated, a toxic build-up can occur. These negative energies remain in vibratory form until they are erased.
You spend a lot of time at home or at work and these places hold your energy, whether you realize it or not, and can contribute to making your mood positive or negative.
This system will help set more harmonious energies and contribute to your well-being. It can also serve as a spiritual tool that you can use to help your higher purpose. With intention, you can create a positive energy in your home/office/special space that you’d like to bring into your life.
It also helps people realize the ‘GOD’ in themselves.”

By Hari Andri Winarso
English manual
You receive 22 initiations and 2 manuals.