Golden Ray – Rayon Or



With the gold ray, Ole focuses his teachings on the healing power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not only important, it is absolutely necessary in order to evolve and progress in your spiritual advancement!

Forgiving another person is one of the most evolutionary things you can do in this life! We all have forgiveness to give to those closest to us.

The following extract is taken from the introductory manual,

The healing power of forgiveness
“You can’t move forward unless you forgive!
When you forgive, you become a spiritual beacon.
When you forgive, you become a better healer.
When you forgive, love flows much more easily through you.
When you forgive, you help humanity.
When you forgive, you release fear!
When you release fear, you stop attracting negative experiences!”

By Ole Gabrielsen

French manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.