Golden Self Transcendance – Transcendance Dorée de Soi


Develop transcendence, go beyond yourself and feel free to be who you are.



Transcendence is freedom and the ability to be true to who you are! It also means going beyond our current limits, not falling into automatic reactions to external factors. Love is the creation, the manifestation of our deepest human nature. Self-transcendence is not about competing with others. It’s a personal journey of self-discovery. It helps us become aware of the peace within us and our connection to one another.

Level 1: Self-control

The gift of self-mastery gives you the ability to conquer your emotions so that they no longer control you. You learn to recognize and change the negative in yourself.

Level 2: Balance

Balance is the ability to live for the greater good. It means accepting and learning from all areas of your life. Balance also means living both in this physical and spiritual world, in order to fulfill one’s spiritual desires while remaining anchored in one’s earthly life.

Level 3: Transcendence of the Self

Self-transcendence is the ability to stay in a balanced state on a daily basis until it becomes your natural pattern of living. It’s about becoming objective in your thoughts, words and actions.

By Nicole Lanning

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