Golden Star Christ Activations – Activations Christiques Etoile Or


4 incredible initiations for the activation of our chakras, the sacred masculine and feminine, DNA, the gates of divine consciousness through the 12th ray gold….


The Christ activation is a series of activations that will activate your 3rd chakra up to the 7th chakra. This activation retouches your DNA, adding more strands. This series of activations also unlocks the “interior door” frequency keys. It also activates 5 of your chakras above your head.
With these activations, all your chakras begin to merge. They thus become a Unified Chakra rather than several chakras operating on their own.
This fusion includes all your major chakras and all your secondary chakras. They come together to become an energy center.
You are activated on the 12th golden ray, the highest energy grid and energy matrix on planet Earth and throughout our galaxy. These activations open the doors of Divine Consciousness so that we have greater access to communication with our Higher Self.
It helps open all the chakras in the lower self and opens the higher chakras in the Higher Self.

Also includes a meditation video and an audio “46 chakras connection”, 3 manuals and 4 initiations plus some useful tips

In English