Good Decisions Reiki – Good Decisions Reiki


This Reiki is the tool you need to stop doubting, hesitating and making decisions that are damaging to your future.


In 5 levels, this Reiki helps us to go beyond our blockages, doubts, fears and wait-and-see attitude to make the decisions that will make your life better.

Procrastination, fear of tomorrow and doubt are the worst enemies of awakening.

With the right tools, we can awaken our spirit and do the work of the soul, accompanied by the divinity within us. It’s up to us to animate this choice, this need to be the light.

Stay relaxed, alert, and listen to yourself as you live the decisions you make.

Do you think they’re wrong? If they are, why?

Is it possible to improve them by taking action, and how?

What barriers have you been unable to overcome, and how do you define them? If you don’t know, how can you make the right choices?

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves in order to understand our true needs and creative expressions.

This Reiki is in 5 levels

Level 1 manages the ability to delude oneself and lie about the results to be achieved in order to feel good. This requires courage and motivation, but also a keener awareness of our personal realities. Caring and enlightened, this Reiki brings you back to your primary goals and the choices you need to make. He listens and makes you feel what’s going wrong or being badly managed. It puts you face to face with your doubts and fears about taking action too, so that you act knowing what’s blocking you.

Level 2 helps you to understand in order to act more effectively, by diffusing what’s wrong on the karmic aura (the experience), with the possibility of sensing where you were unable to react. You’ll see your relational shortcomings and your ability to deal with the situation reduced, but above all you’ll learn from yourself by sensing what you don’t like about these actions. And your subconscious will be in charge of unlocking the energies that are too hard for you. We’ll have to act quickly and carefully, to be clear with ourselves of course, but the energy decision will be there.

Level 3 is the end of self-doubt. You free up the self-confidence and energy efficiency needed to put an end to mismanaged experiences. If you’ve missed one door, you’ll probably open another, but the reaction won’t be long in coming after this Reiki.

Level 4 gives you all the work you need to do to live out your decisions with peace of mind. Alas, handicapped by stress, we evolve little and so do our problems. With this level, you can act with complete serenity, without impromptu stress or aura forcing.

Level 5 helps you to evolve with your decisions: were they successful, did you react well, what do you get if? … Following a decision is important to avoid future problems, for you and for others. Do you have what it takes to make decisions?

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