Guiding Light level 2




This opus will help you to move beyond the long-ignored suffering of your consciousness, to overcome traumas, painful patterns and soul wounds.


Your choice of lifestyle isn’t the only thing you’ll gradually reveal. You’ll improve your awareness of the world around you, of external events to come or not, and your anchoring will enable you to disengage more easily from the energetic, psychic and emotional attacks you receive.


Above all, this level offers simple tools for getting back to yourself and the world, simply, and enhancing your potential to connect with the divine on earth.


We know about ascent, but also about descent, the possibility of living soul and spirit together for the same purpose of achieving a life in full light, free from the torments of the past and full of new and enriching perspectives.


Just come back to yourself, without going back, and clear away what you see so easily.


On the menu:

Guiding Light symbols


Treatment of others

Usui Method

Guidance and follow-up care

Guiding Light treatment: Balls of light



clearing the canal of implants and malicious entities

Improved healing chair

Improved karma release

The magic wand: aura cleansing

Light shield

Mental and stress relief

Evening meditation to release the light within us

Meditation to anchor the light within

Meditation to release shamanic energies

Guided meditation

Additional information

Prerequis Initiation