Guiding Light level 3



Complete your energetic mastery, move forward, realize yourself and experience ascension.

On the menu:

Mass care

clearing the canal of implants and malicious entities

Healing room

Improved light shield

Cleansing, refocusing and balancing the chakras

Release of etheric cords and lower astral space

Cleaning and purifying the premises

Clearing heavy energies effortlessly

Raise energy levels (increase vibratory rate)

Realign your subconscious :

Releasing the conscious body

Unlocking karmic energies too heavy for awakening

Subconsciousness and pushiness, a brief point

Some reiki basics

Meditation to recover from traumatic shock

Meditation for self and source

Training to receive the highest, most appropriate energy for you at all times

What do we need to live happily?

Transmettre Guiding Light


Additional information

Prerequis Initiation