Guiding Light level 6



With Guiding Light 6 you’re now ready to open up the energy of pure mediumship and move forward into karmic energy and soul reading. You’ve probably tried to channel better, to work on your mediumistic energies.

Here you are at the point where channeling must come from your self alone, from your personal Source.

Through the contribution of channeled energy, you are now integrated into pure light, in physical descent from the Self, and ready to make yourself an accomplished medium.

So we’re going to open the channel and ask it to integrate only the energies of the self to become the man or woman you are, fully, and meet the demands of mediumship.

Through this teaching, you can access the Source directly, without putting down energies external to you, by better clearing your worries, hassles, fears and wounds that prevent your soul reading from fully living your energies.

It is by forging that we become blacksmiths, and by reading within ourselves that we become readers of the souls of others.

Mindfulness worked at the highest level of the soul enables you to become a medium, but you’ll have to overcome your blocks to do so.

Also, I ask you to take the time to carefully heal your energies before going beyond this opus, free to practice it by being open to others, but I definitely advise you to finish your soul work before trying to do divination on others.

Happiness will give you all the awakened answers before you move on, and you’ll have the keys to that awakening for others once your life has been read and accepted.

On the menu:

  • Strengthening the medium channel
  • Stress relief and improved mental health
  • Strengthening the release of karma
  • Using the medium channel for guided care
  • Release of soul energies that have no associated Christ consciousness
  • Reorganization of psychic energies for better mediumnity
  • Improved release of astral energies and implants
  • Installation of karmic energies linked to mediumnity

Additional information

Prerequis Initiation