Guiding Light level 7



This 7th degree of Guiding Light will open the doors of the soul and the subconscious to a higher level of energy. It brings you to experience the “living Horus”, the Pharaoh incarnate, or the happiest mediumistic energy on Earth for Christic adumbration.

As the Living Horus, you represent the cosmic order as Pharaoh, and access higher dimensions for healing.

Living this energy allows us to go beyond the limits of matter, and open the akhashic annals to a higher degree of energy.

Opening up this energy is stronger than you might think.

Many Reiki programs on the Internet offer this type of awakening, based on Egyptian mediumship or Egyptian energy work.

However, few non-karmic energies can be found there. Most auras mimic the energy of the adumbration, but do not carry the mediumistic energy with them, along with the associated experience.

This exploration of matter by means of this adombrement not only enables us to heal the energy of subtle bodies without the intervention of karmic auras, and therefore at a minimum 12D energy level.

But it allows us to clear the birth auras for the work of adombrement.

This positions you at a divine energy level, without the limitations of incarnation.

You can already heal, but without actually leaving your life, for a total kundalinic opening and perfect deconditioning.

Obtaining this possibility gives you the right to intervene in karma through the person’s soul, on his or her behalf, without interfering in divine creation.

An unrivalled intercessor, the Living Horus goes beyond divination experiments to obtain the soul’s total forgiveness during a treatment, without blocking or misunderstanding the energy to be treated.

Your mediumistic care is stronger, happier. The karmic aura is overcome, allowing each person to tap into his or her soul before limitation and reopen the akhashic annals in full possession of his or her various tools and potentials.

Use this treatment with love, with the aim of always serving the best for everyone, and you’ll open the doors to the Egyptian mystery best recognized and appreciated throughout time.


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