Healer of Light – 1, 2, 3


The 3 complete levels with 2019 update


The light healer enables you to work in harmony with your soul and your higher self, your abilities as a healer, as a channeler, in very high and accomplished vibrations.

Training lasts a minimum of 15 days for the first level, even if you’ve already been through many care systems.

The high cost of this training course makes it a wonderful gift to give yourself, leading to a real and complete work of healing, practice on others and transmission.

I really liked this system for its capability, its vibratory capacity, its drastic and methodical solution and its very accomplished energies on most of the energy jobs we encounter.

A total of 415 pages of training in French! Consult me for guided pricing

On the program:

– get to know the structure of our being and the unlimited powers with which it is endowed

– restores access to our original unlimited abilities, mediumnity and creative power

– helps to reconnect with self-love and self-esteem, confidence and affirmation of who we really are.

– know how to free ourselves from trauma and suffering, from fears and limitations, how to change our states of being, our emotions and our personality.

– how to effectively protect yourself from negativity and harmful entities…

-how to care for lost souls and entities (complete soul broker training)

– how to use the law of attraction for the greater good of ourselves and others.
– how to communicate with the invisible world, Beings of Light, our guides, lost loved ones, regress to past lives.

– teaches you how to easily find and keep your inner peace, how to feel good at all times and in all circumstances, and how to realize your desires.
– gives us the keys to being reconnected to our true identity: the Perfect and Almighty Being of Light incarnated on Earth for the purpose of experiencing matter.
– helps raise and amplify our vibratory rate, in other words, expands our consciousness to free us from the mind and facilitate the manifestation of our desires
– learn to stay and live in the present moment.
– activates our self-healing capacity and our ability to rapidly transmit healing energy to those who call on us.
– aligns, harmonizes, recharges the chakras and subtle bodies, strengthens the aura.
– enhances discernment, intuition and the acquisition of new knowledge in the fields we are passionate about.
– teaches how to work with Beings of Light and receive their protection, support and assistance.
– teaches how to collaborate with the Elemental kingdoms (gnomes, undines, sylphs, salamanders, elves, fairies), totem and mythical animals, how to use plants and etheric crystals from the higher planes
– know how to deal with situations, send care or help from a distance.

– use of the Divine Keys, the Flower of Life and the Grid of Light

– rediscover the original breathing pattern that gives us full access to the highest energies of Creation (Infinity Breath).
– helps us to recover the knowledge and talents of our past lives as we need them
– provides tools for freeing the subconscious from the mental patterns, erroneous thoughts and beliefs that induce unhappiness and undesirable situations in our lives, to facilitate the work of positive affirmations and the reprogramming of our being on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
– accelerates the return to Oneness and wholeness of being.
– the secrets of Happiness: our birthright to be happy, healthy, peaceful, joyful and to live in abundance and prosperity.
– how to 100% harmonize living spaces with the help of Beings of Light and the collaboration of Nature Spirits: what we call “Divine Geobiology”.

– how to make a professional consultation