Helios Guidance Light for Healing


This ‘solar logo’ called Helios is one of the first cosmic rays and is represented with a light of coppery gold…


This system of treatment is available to people with at least the Reiki master degree.
This ‘solar logo’ called Helios is one of the first cosmic rays and is represented with a coppery-gold light. This system uses the solar energy of Helios to clear away fears, doubts, negative representations linked to beliefs, lack of awakening, denials of realism and a whole host of things that concern the negative, depressive, neurotic forces of existence. With this system, Helios builds a temple of life and light for your hands, your energy and soul readings, and is used on all occasions to lift low vibratory rates, poorly evolved astral bases, very violent or unanchored realities. It opens you up to awakening, develops your energetic capacities and protects you from the energies of stress and proven violence. It clears chakras, opens blocked energy centers and works on conflicts and misunderstandings with gentleness and kindness.
There are 3 levels to this care system: The first level will gently welcome you to remove any altercations, karmic pain or negative stress-related feelings from your senses. Heavy emotions will be released to lift the soul from its shocks, allowing it to put things into perspective, listen to itself, listen more calmly, simply open its heart. The negative impacts linked to someone else’s soul will be removed, and the person will feel better about the tragedy too. Dissatisfaction and deep-seated fears will slowly diminish and become easier to manage. Those with a channeling self will be able to manage their channel in a simpler, more grounded way, while opening up better to the soul and heart.
The second level teaches the self-love contained in this work to the soul and not only cleanses but protects the person with its inner shield, which will immediately relieve any external pressure with a gentle, loving energy that will protect the heart and open up to peaceful, simple resolution rather than complications if someone wishes to embroil you in their problem, for example. Any contradictory effects will be purified and returned to the sender. Consistency and respect will then be easier to achieve in both feelings and situations. Doubt and pressure will diminish as long as the shield is active.
The third level accesses and purifies your mediumistic energies. It opens up your psychic energies to counterbalance opposing forces, discourage heavy energies and open up karmic energies for better reading. It also counterbalances any attack with an upwelling of luminous energy that not only soothes the shock but gives strength to a balanced response, producing the opposite effect to the energy received. It energizes to better welcome the self and free the mind from what makes it heavy and cumbersome. It quickly updates the feeling data we need for our daily lives, enabling us to bounce back, progress and evolve without wasting time.