High Energy Healing–Eardrum & Ear Canal Reiki – High energy healing – Ear drum and ear canal Reiki



Earaches are caused by irritation of the inner ear through the ear canal, or by an infection caused by bacteria. This can affect the inner ear and eardrum. Sometimes, a perforated eardrum can lead to pain and hearing loss. Sinus infections can also cause a build-up of mucus in the ear, which may need to be drained.
The energy of this system connects you to the energy source and to your higher self for healing. It also helps relieve pain and heal the eardrum, inner ear and ear canal. It’s important that you also follow your doctor’s advice, as reiki healing works in concert with the medical profession.

This is a very high-energy healing system that targets and focuses on the eardrum, ear canal and inner ear. This system helps prevent infection with protective energy that targets bacteria and speeds recovery when your ear is already damaged, you have hearing loss, pain or infection.
It also helps dry out mucus and fluids that settle in the ear and cause illness. It’s a powerful healing system.

By Linda Colibert

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