Higher Light Shield Protection – Bouclier de Protection de Haute Lumière


To protect you and enable you to work with high frequencies of light.


“The High Light Protection Shield provides protection for the aura and subtle bodies. It provides emotional and intellectual stability and enhances connection to the Higher Self. It protects us from undesirable energies, prevents others from draining our energies and transforms negative energy into positive.

Protection and working with higher frequencies

The Protective Shield of High Light also protects us from the forces of darkness that have a vested interest in keeping us away from our power. The energy of this protection builds a vortex of protective light, a powerful energetic shield.
This vortex of light permanently protects us from all outside negative energies, once the protection is fully established.

This gives us the strength to be able to call, hold and work with all the powerful spiritual/healing frequencies. This is a great advantage for those doing spiritual work. It prevents energy depletion and damage to our energy system. It allows us to continue moving our system at a higher frequency. This system also enables you to work with powerful energies for healing, spiritual development and manifestation.

We need to protect ourselves from external negative forces and clear ourselves of all energies in or attached to our bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical) that are not in alignment with our divine nature. The negative energies we carry inside distract us from our true nature and keep us out of our own power. They also act like magnets, attracting negative outside forces and perpetuating the cycle…

It’s the tenderest expression of the love and compassion the Divine has for each of us.
You can get this protection for yourself and your loved ones.”

Channeled by Hari Winarso

English manual

You receive an initiation