Higher Self Will Alignment – Alignment with the will of the Higher Self


To align yourself with your Higher Self and your choices “up there”.


Alignment with the Will of the Higher Self helps you align with the will of your Higher Self on your conscious choices and priorities here in this reality. You, that is, your personality and your being here in this body, have made choices. You’ve grown up and made decisions in your life. Your priorities may differ from what your higher self would choose.

So many people strive to surpass themselves. Speaking of which, it seems that by the word “superior”, it means “high” and “knows better” than you. I dare say it only means that he has a point of view of a positioning of a set of instructions that were granted when you arrived in this body. His directive may be more in line with your Source, but not always.
It’s time to take stock and get you both on the same page. Many people want to know why they are here and what they should do with this life. If you’re experiencing a lack of communication with the higher part of who you are, this Higher Self alignment will help. It can work both ways, to bring you into line with your Divine Plan if you haven’t forged a life plan for yourself that’s more appropriate than the one you arrived on Earth with.
There are two levels: Higher Self Will Alignment and Divine Will Alignment.

Channeled by Mariah Windsong Couture

English manual

You receive 2 initiations and 2 manuals.

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Prérequis pour transmettre

Reiki level 2 or equivalent

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