Huitzilopotchli et le pouvoir de Tenochtitlan – Huitzilopotchli and Tenochtitlan Power



This Aztec initiation reconstitutes and teaches the strongest power found in South America.

Huitzilopotchli is Tenochtitlan’s god of blood. It forces any soul that is not well to rework its energy until it has the power and strength to clear the source of disorder. It is said that at the site where Tenochtitlan was built, the Aztecs saw an eagle swoop down on a snake. The god of blood was the major god of Tenochtitlan’s templo mayor. He loved living the sacrifice.

So those who believed in him offered him blood. Most natural forces offer survival to the fittest. The Aztecs believed that giving blood could prevent bad karmas. In exchange, they offered their lives.

This was one of the great disorders of the time, giving them the opposite power to that of the original energy.

Indeed, the true power of Tenochtitlan is the divine gift of releasing all negative forms of energy for the spirit if the soul agrees to give in exchange. Not a sacrifice of others, but a gift of self and a force for survival, quite simply.

So this initiation is really due to the shamans who have understood the real god behind the cultural fantasies, and who force human beings to transform and take power over themselves.

It gives us the strength to live for ourselves, to give unreservedly to others, and to accept change.

But it also offers very strong protection against bad energy, and exceptional resistance to depression and annoyance. It certainly takes a lot of courage to get it right in the first place, but this initiation gives you immediate access to these incredible forces of power to forcefully release any impediment to the positive energy of transformation.

There are no prerequisites, but you do need to take some time to understand its language.