I am Indestuctible – Je Suis Indestructible


To defend yourself / annihilate attacks of ANY kind with immediate effect on the sender and make it clear “who’s the strongest here”. ITEM.


“I am indestructible… Whoever “chained you up”, made you incapable, blocked you, will experience the crank back. Any attempt to “cut you off” (to deprive you of your success, your financial influx, your customers, your strength, etc., and make you “leave the market”) is therefore immediately nipped “in the bud”.

Here, enemies, envious people, foes, adversaries, etc., who act against you, must “dress warmly” …
This is a powerful, highly concentrated priestly magic for those who are “beaten to death” by enemies, adversaries, envious people, opponents, etc., who must pass tough tests, resist negative energies, events and circumstances, etc..,

Among others:
– Force enemies, envious people, etc. to kneel down

– Suppress negative people, customers and situations

– Mercilessly annihilates the (magical) power of enemies, envy, etc. over you.

– Produces indomitable protection (stores, online stores, houses, apartments, places, objects, livelihoods, money, etc.).

– Creating a powerful and impressive presence

– Make others bend to your power and will, even at a distance, with a single look, gesture, thought or word.”

– And so much more!

By Lavinia
German manual
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