Imara Reiki


An energy system whose high vibration helps, among other things, to work on past or unconscious problems.

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Imara Reiki is a Reiki with a higher vibratory energy level than most current Reiki modalities. The energy is very powerful and can be used to heal others.

In certain modalities, Reiki’s healing energies are divided into vibratory bands. For those who know this system. Usui Reiki is in the first group, Karuna Ki Reiki is in the second, and Imara Reiki is in the third.

Imara doesn’t use symbols.

Imara Reiki is known for its ability to heal problems from the past and also to heal repressed problems. It can help heal parts of your life that are unconscious but have an impact on your daily life.

Messages or visions are quite common in an Imara Reiki session due to the high vibratory nature of this system.

By Barton Wendel

Manual in English and French

You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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