Karmic Illness Flush Empowerment – Removing Karma’s Illnesses


Karmic Illness Flush will remove deeply repressed memories and health problems linked to current and past life experiences, so that these repressions can erase and prevent the manifestation of genetic and biological illnesses within one’s current body.

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Karmic Illness Flush removes deeply repressed memories. It will also act on health problems linked to past and present life experiences. This will enable these repressions to erase and prevent the manifestation of genetic and biological diseases.
An influx of etheric bodies will take place to allow the release and healing of any karmically-induced conditions and/or barriers. All dysfunctions, physical, mental or emotional problems due to trauma, death, injury, illness or past-life violence will be cleansed and healed.
Memories of illness, trauma or disease will also be erased to alleviate symptoms that manifest themselves in the current incarnation.

Negative thinking and old patterns will be released and healed. Positive thinking and action will be enhanced.
When the subconscious is released, it enables us to think differently and react more positively in everyday life. This will avoid being held back by karmic triggers.
Hunting down karmic diseases will therefore prevent negative karmic actions from manifesting themselves in the form of problems or illness. It will also enable the manifestation of positive actions in the form of success, happiness and health.
This will enable positive measures to be taken to prevent the disease recurring in the future.

By dr. Rev. Tracey Loper
English manual
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