Le Magnificateur de Charisme – Charisma Booster



This 3-level Reiki intensely clears away anything that blocks a person’s attraction, charm and charisma. It is recommended for people wishing to develop their astral power, magnetism and inner strength… but also their charm, attractiveness, chi strength and happiness of being.

Accessible to anyone wishing to develop their energy, even without Reiki prerequisites, it can only be transmitted with a minimum Reiki level and if the course has been completed for at least 6 months.

It enables you to develop your charisma and attractiveness, by clearing the energies that prevent you from living your radiance, your will, your beauty and your power. Your energies are stronger, happier and more boosted for the energies of beauty, structure and indivisibility. People who see you tend to see you as you are again, more beautiful, stronger and more attractive.

It allows others to see your potential, your energies are purified of black magic, dubious and violent abstractions, and your energy points that hinder the strength of your radiance are cleared. You’ll have less stress, more value in your own eyes and in the eyes of others, and you’ll have more in common for people with them, they’ll feel closer to you, more attracted. Most people who don’t wish you well will have a harder time countering you.

Your “dantian” (or personal energy) is stronger. Men and women with this power of attraction are more likely to please, to love better, to open their hearts wider and to have fewer fears.

This consolidating energy work purifies your personal magnetism, opening the way to love, solidity and awakening. It makes you happier because you’re more loving, and more lovable in the eyes of others.