Le Pouvoir de Merlin – Merlin’s Power



Merlin is portrayed as a Druid, an enchanter, holder of Celtic wisdom and the masculine knowledge of the Goddess cult. He is the knowledge inscribed in the lineage of Celtic and Viking healers, and represents the knowledgeable, erudite masculine of the holder of the mysteries of magic and enchantment.

As the holder of the soul, he organizes thoughts and works on kundalini energy to increase your unsuspected or emerging inner strengths.

It works miracles on fears, lack of confidence and organization, stress, to free anyone in need of power or understanding.

In Merlin, we find the wisdom of a world that knows before it understands, and the power of a great magician.

A tool for soul work, divination and power, this initiation is protected by the soul of its primordial holder, but allows only the light work associated with its activities. No dual energy can be transmitted in this initiation.

As a channeler, I loved this one for its astonishing energetic power, its strength and its total lack of resistance and renunciation. A lot of hard work has gone into keeping the energy up to date, so that it also corresponds to tomorrow’s world. Energies are renewed, serene, highly energizing and invigorating.


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