Le Talisman d’Opale – The Opal Talisman



This energy has been channeled for people who need to take their energy head-on and deploy it without hindrance.

It can be used from Reiki Usui degree 1 or equivalent, and includes an initiation to

Working with opal allows the user of this energy to unfold his or her sensations without discomfort or lack of energy.

The talisman created enables the opal’s energy to directly protect the people receiving the channel, with an impression of simplicity of exchange, calm and tranquillity, combined with respect for each person’s energies, without dogmatism or energy-clogging stress.

This teaching enables the receiver to live his inner life as he wishes, according to his needs, without having to cut off listening to others. Liberating and profound, the dialogue that this teaching allows will free any healer from the weight of the energy of his patients, for example, by letting him live his emotional energies and feelings without invading them with the energies to be healed or read.

As this talisman uses an energetic medium, it is preferable to first work on oneself in the energy to properly feel the beneficial effects of the opal before using it externally.