Le toucher de Shiva – Shiva’s Touch



This initiation allows you to integrate the power of the god Shiva.

It requires a Reiki level equivalent to Reiki 1, and cannot be retransmitted without mastery.

Shiva is Hinduism’s most powerful god of transformation.

It protects, opens up and releases any spirit of revolt, violence and resistance to change.

He is the divinized masculine, the beautiful, the strong, the incredible will to transform, and his energy is such that even the chosen ones are transported by his ardent smile and the power of his work. In this initiation, Shiva will guide you through your life experiences to understand the essence of transformation, power and rebirth. Without external force, you’ll learn to manage the power within you.

If you have no courage, if you feel permanently blocked, if you have illusions, Shiva, through his divine touch, will open you up to the world of spiritual strength.

The intense renewal it requires opens you up to the invisible world, to the opening of the heart and to the Tantric force. He washes away all sadness with the beauty of his welcome. A shaman, he encourages and protects as much as a guardian can.

Open and balanced, his work will never disappoint. Immutable and perceptive, its energy work will open you up to love, feel and welcome your charisma and protective power. It removes bad energy, releases truth and latent strength, reframes and blends your aura with its own to love you and help you discover its potential. A divine lover, he guides and protects all those who wish to understand and discover their soul’s potential.

It will guide you when you’re lost, enable you to live your problems differently and take you to nirvana.