Les Bénédictions de Kuthumi pour le Karma – Kuthumi Blessings For Karma



This system of care is available even to people who don’t have a Reiki degree.

It is open to all to help people who wish to go beyond their own ideals to
access to the light within them and generate even better karma than they could

Blue, gold, sapphire and pink-orange rays help this energy work to endure beyond
personal ideals the energies of karma while allowing limited beliefs to
disappear little by little to establish with the light an awakened understanding of things and
open, without dogma or disruption of self-love and the experience of living to be truly
freed from its chains.

With Kuthumi’s gift of ascension (or whatever we like to call it by definition not
by dogma or archetype) we will open the door to renewal in heart, vision or mind.
a form of renewed disturbance that often creates and generates the same disturbances.
With this work, few will feel the violence, lack of awakening and loss of ideals for
as much. It will evolve towards greater clarity and better apprehension without shock or anxiety.
loss of faith.

The soul’s greatest gift is healing, reunion and peace.

This care system is also ideal for people who want to get rid of recurring problems.
without having to cheat their heart or will.

Although it is not only a healing system, but also a “life changer”, this
Reiki will take you to a place where your heart will regain even more breath, strength and energy.
courage, and where your soul has taken the source of its desire for incarnation to articulate its experience of
to unleash its creative and nurturing power.

This care system has 3 levels