Libération du mental obsessionnel – Obsessions and overthinking flush


Initiation available from the first degree of reiki, to clear the obsessive mind, the fears that condition it, and cerebral hyperactivity.


In this initiation, you’ll find everything you need to work in a very specific way on that famous little bicycle, the brain that refuses to function with the energies of awakened consciousness, and absolutely wants to control everything, out of fear, out of stress, and doesn’t want to let go.
It’s not for the particularly frightened, but for those whose thoughts obsessively go round and round in circles.
It works very well on people with a past, who can’t forget the bad things, and remain stuck in ideals too sad to feel positive emotions.
This analysis takes into account the calculated energy, relaxes it, then clears any incoming psychic attack, while freeing any parallel choice of attack on oneself. Once this is done, it remakes the mental and emotional body on the obsessive parts by giving the energies sent by the self to replace the dysfunctional analyses.