Light of Prosperity Empowerment – Lumière de Prospérité Empowerment


Release and heal what’s holding you back from prosperity.


This empowerment connects and harmonizes you with the energies and vibrations of Prosperity and Spirit. You’ll also be connected to Archangel Michael to help you clear and release negative thoughts about money. You’ll also connect the Angels of Prosperity and the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and Spirit to help you attract positive energies and opportunities for abundance in the form of money. Although you don’t need an initiation to work with Angels or Elements, this empowerment quickly connects you and strengthens your connection and energies.

Archangel Michael helps to heal and release those old programs that hold you back and stop your cash flow. These are things you’ve been conditioned to think and accept all your life. The Angels of Prosperity will then help you rise above your situation. You’ll be able to start increasing your money flow and keep a steady stream of positive prosperity coming your way. This is a very powerful system that helps clear and remove blocks from your cash flow, and also helps you attract more money and opportunities to you. When your energy field vibrates in harmony with prosperity, you’ll become more prosperous.

By Linda Colibert

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.