Lineage Clearing Maintenance – Maintien du Dégagement de la Lignée


To clean lineage connections during initiation transmissions.



This system aims to cleanse lineage energies and energetic connections to the lineage. It also offers protection against remote viewing, energy vampirism and energy control.

If someone in the lineage has transmitted the initiation with negative energies either unknowingly or deliberately, this could be passed on to the next person. If you have high levels of personal power and vibration, you reduce the risk of transferring unhelpful energies. This initiation also increases your personal power and vibration so that you send out the highest possible levels of clear, clean energy.

This system is useful for:
– Elimination of energetic links between you, the founder and anyone in the lineage
– Removal of negative energies, attachments, imprints, etc., from the lineage
– Stop remote observation
– Replace any compromised initiation energies with the corresponding light source energies
– Increased vitality, well-being and abundance
– Increased personal power and realization of your powerful energetic self

By Craig MacLennan

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.