Lord Kuthumi Reiki – Reiki by Lord Kuthumi


To connect with Lord Kuthumi’s energies and work more closely with him.


“This energy connects you with Lord Kuthumi’s heart and energy field.

Lord Kuthumi helps those working on self-awareness. Its energy is warm, radiant and comforting. It helps us to anchor ourselves and to love and accept our life on Earth. He works very closely with us and has a great influence on our consciousness at this moment of evolution. In particular, it helps us to manifest our dreams and wishes here on earth in 3D reality. Lord Kuthumi also connects us with nature, earth energies and elemental spirits. Just by working with Lord Kuthumi we raise the frequency of our own vibrations, our soul vibration becomes finer, and this affects our physical and other bodies, and helps us to become more Luminous, and to give more Light, It helps us to manifest abundance and success in our lives.”

By Riza Baleghi

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.