Love Forgiveness and Magic of the Angels – Amour, pardon et Magie des Anges


To connect with Archangels Haniel, Raziel and Raguel.


This system includes initiations to connect you to the Archangels Haniel, Raziel and Raguel. It contains explanations on how best to connect with each Archangel and what specific problems they can help with. There are also rituals for restoring harmony in a relationship, forgiveness and connection with your dreams.
Calling these Archangels before a healing session will strengthen your connection to your Divine Source.
This initiation was channeled after a meditation to ask for the help of the Archangels to light the way for humanity and grant the great gifts and blessings brought by the Archangels.

By Rev. Prof. Dr. Uwe Gonzalez Burgunder

English manual

You receive 3 initiations and a manual.