Lumière Sacrée Bleu Velours – Velvet Blue Sacred Light



Available to learn for Reiki Usui level 2 or equivalent, this light gives you the simple energy you need to release external stresses.

When our energy is heavily impacted by stress, harassing people or situations, lack of time, our energy suffers from a lack of personal love and we have no strength left in the channel to regenerate ourselves.

A good exercise often brings peace, or a beautiful meditation. But when energy can’t wait, throwing this Reiki helps a lot.

The heavy work of heavy sensations is often the major problem of our modern lives. Delays, traffic jams, various impediments, and the senses are quickly dulled, exhausted or pushed to the limit.
Regaining the stability and gentleness needed to refocus and stay calm will be easier with this power.

It clears stress, provides a gentle, listening supply, forces heavy energy to open up and cleanse itself too if need be, and declares a truce to painful sensations and lack of peace.

This power has two levels