Lyran Star Guide & Galactic Heritage – Guide Stellaire Lyran & Héritage Galactique


To connect with your Lyran Stellar Guide and receive your galactic heritage.


“This high-vibrational-energy work is for those Lightworkers who have stories deeply rooted in galactic history and struggle and are now in the process of re-connecting with their intrinsic home.
Initiation allows you to connect to the Lyran system, your “home” system. This connection alone will bring a very deep awakening of knowledge and wisdom that go far beyond the earthly plane.
When you connect, you’ll also download your galactic heritage, which links all the beings in your lineage. This information is unique in enabling personal transformation as well as providing the golden keys to your planetary mission. You already have these golden keys encoded in your DNA.”

By London College of Spirituality
English manual
You’ll receive an introductory course with audio and a manual.

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