Magic Protection Reiki – Magic Protection Reiki


To protect us when we are surrounded by draining people or in a harmful environment.


“This Magical Protection Reiki is greatly useful when we are in an environment or with people who drain us psychically, whose vibrations are contaminated, whose emotions are upset and who are psychologically unstable. This energy is incredible for keeping chaotic and disturbing vibrations at bay and maintaining the vibratory integrity of our body, mind, field, personal space and psyche.

This reiki also provides protection in places or around people faced with attachment, intrusion or possession by non-incarnate entities. It also protects the vibratory integrity of living and working spaces by providing a shield that stops and deflects damaging frequencies, influences and vibrations and their programming.

This reiki has 3 levels and 4 symbols.
1st level
It concerns psychic attacks and black magic. It works to cleanse negative energies from our physical and subtle bodies, as well as from objects, places, situations and the environment. This level also activates the shield.

2nd level
It provides a powerful tool for cleansing long-stored negative energies from our physical and subtle bodies. It’s also a powerful tool for karmic cleansing. Shield protection increases. It will protect you from evil spells and curses.

3rd level
It allows this reiki to be transmitted, and the protective shield increases even further. It will drain and eliminate any energy that comes into contact with it.”

By Hari Andri Winarso

Manual in English and French

You receive 3 initiations and a manual.