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For everything to do with ghosts, magic and witchcraft.


“This Reiki is an energy healing system that deals with the world of ghosts, magic and witchcraft. It helps cleanse the space of negative substances, lift clan curses, and for exorcist séances, as well as neutralizing negative programs created with the help of sorcery and negative energy impulses (evil eye, love magic), including programs created in the distant past (in collaboration with ancestors) or in a previous life (working with karma).
In addition to healing body, soul and life, it helps create powerful protection for the person and the space.”
There are two levels, the second being the master level.

By Elena Sarovskaya
English manual
You receive two initiations and a manual.
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To take the master level, you need to be a Reiki Usui Rioho Master or Reiki Kundalini Master.

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