Magical lightwork advanced Degree Program – Programme Magique de Travail de Lumière de Degré Avancé (Pack)


5-level system that extends, strengthens and amplifies your energy work.


Pack including all 5 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

It’s a great system to use that will help you increase and strengthen your energy work in many areas.
Each level builds on the last, so you’ll need to take them in order.

Level 1

This level helps you open your mind to understanding and enlightenment. It also helps you eliminate negativity from your energies and environment. There’s a symbol for level 1.

Level 2

The 2nd degree covers herbs, crystals and stones, as well as plants for healing and empowerment. There are three symbols for level 2: one for working with herbs, one for working with crystals and one for working with plants.

Level 3

The 3rd degree works with angels, deities and animals. It adds power to your healing and magic. These beings are always ready to help you on your way. They offer advice, energy, protection and care. Calling them strengthens your personal power and increases your energies, while reinforcing your connection to a source of energy. There are three symbols for level 3: one for working with angels, one for working with deities and one for working with animals.

Level 4

The 4th degree consists in mastering the body, mind and spirit, bringing them together to play on universal laws There are many universal laws, but the law that governs all the others is the law of vibrations. The law of vibration is the law of attraction. When you can get into the vibration of what you want to achieve, have, be or do, it has to come to you. In fact, you can only attract what corresponds to your energy, your energy in harmonic vibration. There’s a symbol for level 4.

Level 5

The 5th degree is an expansion of energies. It connects you to higher vortex energies so you can spiritually travel into the retention zone of your desires, so you can easily connect to what you want to manifest in physical form. There’s a symbol for level 5.

By Linda Colibert
Manuals in English and French
You receive 5 initiations and 5 manuals