Magical Lightworker Program 3, fairies – Programme Magique du Travailleur de Lumière 3, fairies


Reconnect with the magic of life and co-create with it! Level 3


Level 3/6. Also available as a pack including all 6 levels.

It’s a truly incredible program that encompasses the twelve universal laws and how to use them. There are six initiations that connect you to different aspects of the Universe to help you. In the introductory manual, Linda Colibert explains:

“Energy, as you know, cannot be destroyed – it only transforms. It changes from one form to another. It’s always moving, evolving and transforming. Magic is the art of influencing the transformation of this ever-changing, ever-moving energy to manifest your desires on the physical plane.

Everyone has the power to create their own life as they see fit. We are all divine energy. We are co-creators with the life force, and we can transform our lives through the power of our free will and beliefs. The source of magic and Light is energy. It is non-denominational, non-biased and non-judgmental. This energy is life-force energy, and whatever you call it, it’s available to us all on equal terms. There are rules, universal laws that govern how this energy can be transmuted, changed and transformed, but these laws apply to everyone and everything equally.”

Tenth initiation: Connecting with fairies

This program will help you connect with the fairies and strengthen your connection with them. Fairies can see the light shining in Light Workers. They can feel your love and kindness.

By Linda Colibert

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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