Magie protectrice de la volonté avec les 12 archangels – Will’s Protective Magic with the 12 anchangels



The 12 archangels here will provide you with the help you need to protect your personal will and energy from negative or harmful influences.

With the 12 archangels, learn to read the problems linked to others in and around you. Most creative energies will then be boosted, protected so that everyone can improve their analysis, respect for their energy body, and limit the attacks most often linked to the loss of personal energy.

For every person, will is the key to life on Earth. We are incarnated by the desire to exercise it, so our lives depend on the approach we take to it.

If we want to, we’ll find peace, but willpower is the key to any commitment, and we mustn’t use it against everyone. To work with respect for God’s will is to choose balanced, happy actions that won’t lead to failure or unhappiness.

This initiation and its 12 activations will enable you to experience a more open energetic comfort and awakening than before, as well as more accepted guidance to keep your energy open and at peace.