Marishiten Deva of Wealth, Success, Prosperity & Protection Empowerment – Marishiten Goddess of Health, Success, Prosperity and Protection



“Bujin Marishiten is a goddess who was originally a deity of Indian/Chinese Buddhism, until she was brought to Japan. There, she was adopted by the Samurai warrior class as their patron and protector.
It is known by many names and for many aspects, including, but not limited to: Marici (Sanskrit), Marisha-Ten (another Japanese name) and Molichitian (Chinese).

Marici was considered a deification of mirages and so was asked for help in being invisible or hard to see to escape the attention of his enemies.

The goddess Marishiten will help:


-Be invisible to enemies

-Suppressing evil and negativity



-Achieving success

-To be safe from the danger of all misfortune and evil, thieves, natural disasters, poisoned drugs and other harm.

-Possession by spirits,


-Relieves difficult deliveries

-Helps resolve differences.”

By Gabriela Yasmin Szafman
English manual
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