Mar`Kai Healing System 1-3 – Mar’Kai Healing System


Healing system from the time of Lemuria.



“Greetings, my beautiful soul! I am Adama, the High Priest of the TELOS City of Light. Some time ago, I promised to introduce you to one of the highest-frequency healing systems. Now it’s time to give this system to people with higher consciousness. This system is called Mar Kai, which means “elemental force of the universe”. The colors of this energy are the colors of the rainbow, so in Lemuria this system was also called Rainbow Energy. It’s one of the most respected and protected systems of the Lemurian era. For third-dimensional people, this will be a new energy, although it’s an old system, which has now passed from our empires of light to you.

As Mar Kai is a system based on modern-day “technology”, it doesn’t need complex symbols. you’re old enough to work with it after your initiation into the three degrees of the MAR KAI – system.

I am Adama, the greatest priest of the city of light TELOS.”

By Gaby Solina