Matrice Divine Protection Or et Argent – Divine Matrix Silver and Gold Protection


A protection suitable for all ages, in two levels and with no prerequisites, to protect our subtle bodies from adverse energies while leading us to divine love.


This teaching helps everyone to overcome their emotional limitations during energy exchanges, to achieve a state of inner protection that acts mainly on the energetic, emotional, mental and astral bodies, but also karmically, to increase our personal power, our anchoring to personal reality, and avoid losing our energy path, our feelings, the will of heaven helping us to protect the individualized spheres of our existence to clear any form of implant, low astral, heavy energy not created by the self from forcibly penetrating our subtle bodies.

This shield, in addition to stimulating our classical protection, envelops our energy in divine love, while sending out opposing energies like a deflector, returning the energy after enhancement to prevent everyone from astral regression and endangering others.
This protection allows each of us to evolve fully in all the nuances of light integration with gentleness and without any brutal clashes or violent shocks to the kundalini, and enables us to multiply our charisma and our lucid and extra-lucid strength to best integrate the guidance necessary for the present moment and the near future.

Archangels and natural protection are not only aided and abetted by this shield, but also called in if channeling energy is low and fragile. Each person’s astral power will be recalled to better project our intention to bathe in universal energy.

It can be applied to young children and other people, with no risk of energy rejection.