Medicine Buddha Reiki- Reiki du Bouddha de la Médecine


Connect with Medicine Buddha to heal and help you with attachment, hatred and ignorance.



The Buddha of medicine is an enlightened being with impartial compassion for all living beings. It protects them from physical and mental illness and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them eradicate the three poisons – attachment, hatred and ignorance – that are the source of all illness and danger. It’s “Doctor Buddha.”

The Buddha of medicine is the Buddha of healing. Historically, it has been thought useful to meditate on one’s image and chant one’s mantra with the desire to relieve suffering and attain enlightenment. It is believed that Dr. Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki in its modern form, was able to meditate on the Buddhist Healing Buddha sutra as part of his efforts to rediscover the Buddha’s original healing practices.

In the manual:
What is Medicine Buddha Reiki?
What is Reiki?
Ancient origins
Reiki and Buddhism
Introduction to Medicine Buddha
The Power of the Medicine Buddha (by Lama Zopa Rinpoche)
Medicine Buddha teachings
Teachings on Buddha Sadhana medicine
and the Medicine Buddha Sutra (by Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche)
The process of using Buddha Reiki medicine
mantras and medicine buddha symbols
Initiation method
Synergy Reiki Medicine method Buddha Empowerment
Tibetan Reiju empowerment method
Healing Buddha Meditation
Sangye Menla (Medicine Buddha) sadhana
Medicine Buddha Mantra & Syllable Seed Card

By Stephen Comee

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.